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15 Month Interim Evaluation

Towards the end of last year, we have started the progress of getting our EMIC-GEM project evaluated by an external consultant. We originally had only planned one interim and one final evaluation but due to delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic we decided to plan a three-step process with two interim evaluations before the final evaluation. This allows us to better react to any issues observed throughout the evaluation in a timely manner and ultimately should further improve the quality of our project and its outcomes. It also gives us flexibility to keep evaluating our project at regular intervals even if a project extension would become necessary.

We hired Ashbrook Research Ltd. to evaluate our project and work on our first interim evaluation immediately started at the end of 2020. This coincided with the halfway mark of our project. For this evaluation one to one meetings between evaluator and each partner was set up and a number of questions were discussed that aimed at evaluate our project values of:

• Achieving EU objectives and stated results
• Innovation
• Project Validity
• Transnationality
• Value for Money
• Project Management
• Partnership working

Additionally, we askes Ashbrook Research Ltd. to evaluate our project documentations, the outputs created so far and our response to COVID-19. Each partner contributed their opinions at the interview stage and a few weeks later we received our interim report. While the report generally praises our project and has lots of positive things to say it also has done a great job at highlighting areas where issues may arise in the future or small things that could have been improved on our work so far.

You can find a full copy of our evaluation report here: LINK


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