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Replacing the Third Transnational Meeting for the EMIC-GEM Erasmus+ Project

On the 21st and 22nd of May, the third transnational meeting of the EMIC-GEM project was supposed to be held in Bilbao, hosted by CIFP Construcción Bizkaia. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, partners have been unable to meet personally, pivoting to the best of their abilities through monthly partner video calls and interactive transnational online workshops.

On the 4th of June, our most recent online meeting, the EMIC-GEM Erasmus+ consortium activities at the meeting included some of the actions that would have been part of our transnational meeting in Spain. The meeting consisted of general project updates from the lead partner, followed by an update on the report by Višja Strokovna šola Academia (Slovenia) on the training model and competency framework. An update on module descriptors was then provided by the lead partner, the City of Glasgow College. The virtual meeting concluded with further updates on the website development from our Austrian partners at LBS Pinkafeld and general project communication points.

Our next Transnational Meeting is planned for November 2020 in Bieberach, Germany at the Holzbau Baden-Württemberg Bildungszentrum. We hope that this allows enough time for restrictions to be lifted and for face to face meetings to be allowed again. While online meetings are good for keeping up the productivity of the project they can’t replace many of the important aspects of Erasmus projects like getting impressions from other countries, experiencing their schools and work places or getting to know the project team over a shared meal.

We hope to find a date later on in the project to reschedule the transnational meeting at our partners in Bilbao.

The EMIC-GEM consortium convenes monthly to follow up on particular actions highlighted in the transnational meetings and workshops in order to ensure project success.


‘’Embracing Modular Innovation in Construction – Getting Education Modernised’’ (EMIC-GEM) is a transnational project co-funded by the EU Erasmus Plus Programme aiming to modernise the delivery of off-site and modular construction education and training. The EMIC-GEM Erasmus+ project is led by the City of Glasgow College (United Kingdom) together with seven partners from five different countries. The partners are: Višja Strokovna šola Academia (Slovenia), CPU Center za Poslovno Usposabljanje (Slovenia), Landesberufsschule Pinkafeld (Austria), European Institute for Innovation-Technology (Germany), Holzbau Baden-Württemberg Bildungszentrum (Germany), CIFP Construccion Bizkaia (Spain) and Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (United Kingdom). ...


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