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Project Background & Objectives

Offsite and modular methods of construction (OSM) have been utilised in different ways across Europe and have proven to be cleaner, safer and more productive than traditional building methodologies. Recent advances in technological processes have brought offsite methodologies into the mainstream, with the associated benefits of addressing the key issues identified above as well as providing a route to lower cost, affordable housing stock.

Our project is predicated on the sharing of best practice, commonality in benchmarking and standardising educator training, sharing of effective pedagogical approaches and resources, and the development of a European network of professionals working and teaching within the field of OSM education.

Our Projects Objectives are:

1. Design and implement an innovative training model and competency framework that modernises the delivery of off-site and modular construction.

2. Engage learners across the EU in innovative courses in the area of off-site and modular construction.

3. Develop and disseminate a suite of open online educational resources to support AVET practitioners in the delivery of industry standard and emerging off-site and modular construction practices.

4. Support local businesses, particularly small and micro businesses, to improve awareness and adoption of offsite and modular construction practices within their construction activity.

Our newest Output:

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