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EMIC-GEM Case Zero-Carbon Housing Development in Partnership with Bromley Council.docx

Case Study

Name of Case Study: Zero-Carbon Housing Development in Partnership with
Bromley Council

Country: England

Company: Zed Pods

Link to Website: www.Zedpods.com

Overview / Project Summary:

Working with Bromley council in England ZED PODS have delivered a
sustainable social housing scheme using a modular steel framed construction
produced in their offsite factory.

They managed to deliver a reliable and economic social housing solution in
the Burnt Ash area of Bromley.

The site is an existing car park – which the client would wish to remain in use
once the project was completed.

The Client wanted a project with minimal site work and reduced
environmental impact along with a reduction in noise pollution, construction
activity and vehicle movement throughout the site location.

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ZED PODS produced a volumetric steel solution using offsite construction
methodology. Steel is the primary structural material, and it is prefabricated
in a grid-based design.

A key detail of the design is that it is an innovative and highly energy efficient,
zero-carbon development that offered a reduced onsite assembly timeframe
but also included design flexibility and improved quality when compared to a
traditional construction solution.

The structure is erected on a series of steel podiums in order to include car
parking facilities for the residents and the local community. And it has been
seen as a step in the right direction towards solving London’s social housing
crisis by utilising more offsite and modular construction methods.

The award-winning sustainable development is the first of its kind in the
London borough and will house 25 households. It compromises two different
designs: 10 one-bedroom properties and 15 two-bedroom properties. Both are
set within three floors across two separate blocks. This includes 6 wheelchair
accessible units with dedicated lift arrangement. There are 15 dedicated
residential parking spaces, including disabled bays

Also included in the development was an upgrade on the existing car park
facilities to include CCTV systems, 15 electric vehicle chargers, and storage for
over 40 bicycles. Adding to the development’s sustainability credentials.

The development is also complemented with the addition of an
environmentally friendly design that included installation of heat pumps,
solar panels and triple glazing. The dwellings are designed as energy efficient
& zero-operational-carbon in operation which will give the residents low
running costs.

Over 904 Tonnes of Carbon emissions over 30 years will be saved as compared
to standard new builds.


The project was completed on time during the Covid 19 pandemic, another
factor that may not have been possible if it was constructed under traditional
methods. This is a great example of the offsite and modular system used
within the project and how it can be designed & built rapidly to meet high

The site on which the project is located brought on many challenges in and of
itself, a carpark of which the use of would still be needed, but without the
space to move it to a new site. The volumetric steel system was developed
offsite and assembled on top of the existing carpark with an innovative
design and problem-solving approach.

Office Address:

190 Cathedral Street • Glasgow G4 0RF
+44 141 375 5209